Suggestions, which will help you to get the best performance from the qualities of Macias' Additive without Bromate.

Macia's Additive is characterized by being a very noble product. It contains enzymes, which strengthen the dough; it contains flour and emulgents stabilizers.

Macia's additive is suitable for long and short processes; the so-called 'to leave on tables' and 'direct'. It is however necessary to underline that the additives work always better when the works are not so long, especially in these times where the different kinds of flour don't have the gluten percentages that they had in the past.

Suggested Doses. Tough our Additive is formulated for a maximum dose of 750 grams per each 50 kg of flour, our experience and constant laboratory research has allowed us to suggest the following suggested doses: for long processes 300 grams per each 50 kgs of flour and for direct jobs 250 grams. Why are the doses only suggested? Because the right doses are to be found by you, baker friend, according to the type of job, machinery and flour used by you.
How is the additive incorporated to the dough? In fast kneaders: 4 minutes before finishing the kneading spread the powder over the dough, dry and without wetting it. This is very important for best results. In slow machines about 10 minutes before ending the kneading, do as above spreading the powder in dry condition.
  Dear Baker Friend: we remind you that in addition to the excellent service given by our distributors, Macia Hnos has its technical department at you disposal to help you whenever and for whatever necessary.

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